• Castle Hot Springs Entrance
    Castle Hot Springs
  • Mountain Shadows
  • The Short Course at Mountain Shadows
  • mountainside suite | sanctuary on camelback
    vista suite | sanctuary on camelback
  • loft suite | hotel valley ho
    Hotel Valley Ho in Downtown Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Lodge
    Castle Hot Springs Lodge
  • infinity edge pool | sanctuary on camelback
    poolside | sanctuary on camelback
  • main entrance| hotel valley ho
    Entrance | Hotel Valley Ho
  • Mountain Shadows
  • wine wall | sanctuary on camelback
    meditation courtyard | sanctuary on camelback
  • cabana guest room | hotel valley ho
    HVH Terrace Suite | Hotel Valley Ho
  • spa casita | sanctuary on camelback
    sanctuary on camelback
  • sky line rooftop | hotel valley ho
    HVH Sky Line Rooftop | Hotel Valley Ho
  • edge bar | sanctuary on camelback
    sanctuary on camelback
  • oh pool | hotel valley ho
    OH Pool | Hotel Valley Ho
  • elements table xii | sanctuary on camelback
    sanctuary on camelback
  • presidential loft suite | hotel valley ho
    Presidential Loft Suite | Hotel Valley Ho
  • casa montana master | sanctuary on camelback

People are our cornerstone.

More than concrete and steel, the foundation of every Westroc Hospitality property is its leadership. We build each management team organically, promoting tenured department heads and dynamic staff members who know the property and are committed to its success. Rather than a corporate, cookie-cutter approach, our management style is tailored to the location. Each leadership team defines success, sets goals, and identifies the needs to reach them. Our guiding philosophy is to empower the executives on site to create their ideal vision and work to realize it. In this way, the uniqueness of each property is exemplified not just in architecture, design, and setting, but  through the people that define the overall guest experience.