• Castle Hot Springs Entrance
    Castle Hot Springs
  • Mountain Shadows
  • The Short Course at Mountain Shadows
  • mountainside suite | sanctuary on camelback
    vista suite | sanctuary on camelback
  • loft suite | hotel valley ho
    Hotel Valley Ho in Downtown Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Lodge
    Castle Hot Springs Lodge
  • infinity edge pool | sanctuary on camelback
    poolside | sanctuary on camelback
  • main entrance| hotel valley ho
    Entrance | Hotel Valley Ho
  • Mountain Shadows
  • wine wall | sanctuary on camelback
    meditation courtyard | sanctuary on camelback
  • cabana guest room | hotel valley ho
    HVH Terrace Suite | Hotel Valley Ho
  • spa casita | sanctuary on camelback
    sanctuary on camelback
  • sky line rooftop | hotel valley ho
    HVH Sky Line Rooftop | Hotel Valley Ho
  • edge bar | sanctuary on camelback
    sanctuary on camelback
  • oh pool | hotel valley ho
    OH Pool | Hotel Valley Ho
  • elements table xii | sanctuary on camelback
    sanctuary on camelback
  • presidential loft suite | hotel valley ho
    Presidential Loft Suite | Hotel Valley Ho
  • casa montana master | sanctuary on camelback

On budget. On time. Beyond expectation.

In hospitality development, as in other investments, the best determination of future success is past performance. In addition to previous experience transforming such renowned properties as The Boulders, Carmel Valley Ranch, The Peaks at Telluride, and Golden Door Spas, the Westroc team has overseen the re-launch and re-invigoration of Hotel Valley Ho in Downtown Scottsdale, Arizona, along with Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa and the new Mountain Shadows, both in Paradise Valley, Arizona. These¬†properties, unique in setting and feel, stand as an ongoing¬†testament to Westroc’s ability to conceive a project and make it a successful reality. We undertake only one development at a time to ensure direct involvement of all principal executives throughout the process, and to best facilitate a truly remarkable result.