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A commitment to our guests as well as our planet.

As with many businesses in today’s marketplace, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint on the world.  Through forward thinking and unique tactics, we have instilled the vision and commitment of our properties to be as earth friendly as possible.  In fact, our properties have been mentioned and awarded for these efforts in the area of green initiatives.  From the recycling of unused materials to environmentally friendly cleaning products, our properties and our people believe in doing the right thing.  Below are some of the notable initiatives and programs we are involved with.

A natural setting as beautiful as Camelback Mountain is a constant reminder of the importance of protecting the environment. At Sanctuary, we show our concern for the earth in a variety of ways.


Resort-wide thermostat control.

Photocell or timers on all outdoor lights.

Restaurant and bar lit by daylight as extensively as possible.

Bamboo trees in spa to reduce heating and cooling costs.

Low-flow toilets resort-wide, including guest rooms.

Low water-use drip irrigation on 95% of the property.

Desert landscaping and drought-tolerant plants.

Crushed-rock mulch to reduce water evaporation from the soil.

Electric golf carts resort-wide.


Cloth napkins, glass cups, and ceramic dishes throughout the resort.

Linen re-use program at guests’ discretion.

Paper and plastic recycling throughout the resort, including guest rooms.

Rechargeable, battery-powered blowers to reduce noise pollution.

Recycling cardboard, batteries, and tires used by maintenance team.

Staff incentive program to encourage environmental friendliness.


Organic, paraben-free red flower amenities in guest rooms.

Use of ceramic mugs and glassware in guest rooms.

Organic-based janitorial service in the spa.

Buying from local vendors wherever possible to reduce “food miles.”

Organic food and beverage purchasing.

Printed materials on 30–100% recycled paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.