People are our cornerstone.

More than concrete and steel, the foundation of every Westroc Hospitality property is its leadership. We build each management team organically, promoting tenured department heads and dynamic staff members who know the property and are committed to its success. Rather than a corporate, cookie-cutter approach, our management style is tailored to the location. Each leadership team defines success, sets goals, and identifies the needs to reach them. Our guiding philosophy is to empower the executives on site to create their ideal vision and work to realize it. In this way, the uniqueness of each property is exemplified not just in architecture, design, and setting, but through the people that define the overall guest experience.

From concept, to execution, to ongoing success.

From Concept

Before the destination comes the vision. Westroc Hospitality brings the foresight to identify prime locations, and the imagination to transform them. We look for fundamentally different properties that add to our brand of ‘radical hospitality’. When considering each new venture we ask: What features make it unique and how can we enhance them? What aspects would motivate guests to visit? What memories would inspire them to return?

To Execution

Once our vision is fully defined, we call upon a deep wellspring of proven talent to realize it. We work with innovative designers and seasoned contractors. Through leveraging our extensive background in resort renovation and site management, we complete projects on time, on budget, and above expectation.

To Ongoing Success.

The key to the long-term performance of all of our properties is our people. We grow leadership from within, promoting senior personnel and rising stars from our ranks. We invest each executive team with the power to set their goals, identify needs, and try new ideas and initiatives to further enliven guest experiences. Our unique settings and accommodations attract visitors. Our stellar service earns their loyalty.

Owning the vision, as well as the results.

At Westroc Hospitality, we don’t simply maintain assets. We enhance them. We add value through an eye for creative design, a head for effective management, and both ears attuned to the input of our ownership partners and our valued guests. At the outset of every venture, we clearly define goals and expectations. And we maintain constant communication throughout. Our business model is owner friendly, and based entirely on performance. Our decisions are a result of what is best for the property, and by extension, what is best for the ownership.

On budget. On time. Beyond expectation.

In hospitality development, as in other investments, the best determination of future success is past performance. In addition to previous experience transforming such renowned properties as The Boulders, Carmel Valley Ranch, The Peaks at Telluride, and Golden Door Spas, the Westroc team has overseen the re-launch and re-invigoration of Hotel Valley Ho in Downtown Scottsdale, Arizona, along with Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa and the new Mountain Shadows, both in Paradise Valley, Arizona. These properties, unique in setting and feel, stand as an ongoing testament to Westroc’s ability to conceive a project and make it a successful reality. We undertake only one development at a time to ensure direct involvement of all principal executives throughout the process, and to best facilitate a truly remarkable result.